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  Interviewer : Hi Mr Tan, how is the sale of your property going?
  Mr Tan (Seller) : Well, I have engaged a good agent to handle it. Not bad. This agent has done an i-Open-House (Internet Open House) of my property. Quite good. I remember the last time I sold my property. Most of the viewing only lasted 3 to 5 mins. And no offer. I was like the agent running here and there just to open the door. You know lah, kiasu ma. Do not want to loss the opportunity to show to any buyers. But sometime, the timing crash and I lost the chance.

But not now. Internet is so easily available now. With i-Open-House, I will make sure the agent show my property to all the buyers who called him. If they are interested, than I will meet them and show them. My life is much easier. My chances of selling is higher too. Maybe can get a higher price since I can show to more people.

I can show you my property now, you know. Just go to If you know anyone who are looking for this type of property, email this link to them.

  Interviewer : Wow, your agent must have pay a lot for it right?
  Mr Tan (Seller) : I don't know, but I think they should have special rate since they are in this trade. You see, there are so many agents approaching me. They asked for exclusive and 2% commission with a standard marketing plan. But this agent that I engaged, he is different. He did the i-Open-House for my property and he also knows the market. I think it is worth paying him.
  Interviewer : Mr Tan, if i-Open-House serve you well, why don't you do it yourself?
  Mr Tan (Seller) : Selling of property is not just about showing the property. There are many other issues. I have done it myself before. The energy and time I spent doing it just wasn't worth it. I also pay for my own advertisement. I have neglected the other part of my life. My family & career is more important than doing the selling of my property. Of course, some owners will still do it themselves, that is their choice.

As for the i-Open-House, I may consider paying for it if the agent do not provide the service. But if the agent include it in their package, why not just let them do everything. I will give them the exclusive and 2% commission.

The bottom line is to show the property to as many interested buyers as possible. You know, bring your product to your potential customer? We don't want to deprive the potential buyer to miss my property, right?  Furthermore, the limitation of traditional marketing is that I cannot show the property to my potential overseas buyers or investors.

  Interviewer : Mr Tan, don't you worry about you property being "over exposed" in the Internet?
  Mr Tan (Seller) : Over Exposed? i-Open-House do not show the frontage and the full address of my property. I don't have to be worried. Furthermore, my agent will qualify and "screen" the callers. How can I get a good price if my property is only shown to a small group of people?

You have "goviewing" my property, do you know exactly which unit without me telling you?

  Interviewer : Er.......... you got your point.

Interviewer : Hi Mr Lee, has your unit been rented out?
  Mr Lee (Landlord) : Not really. There are some offers that I am considering. Do you know anyone who are interested to rent? You can view it at You can give the link or email to the people you know. I will give you referral fee if the deal close.
  Interviewer : Wow, Mr Lee, you also do i-Open-House for your property.
  Mr Lee (Landlord) :

My agent did it for me but I pay for it.

  Interviewer : Didn't your agent do everything for you?
  Mr Lee (Landlord) : Well, doing i-Open-House for my For Rent property will benefit me because overseas people, foreigner, higher educated people, who search the web for property will see it. That gives me more opportunity.  If I am able to get a higher rental, I think the fee I paid for the i-Open-House is already covered.

I have been working with my agents for a while, he will handle everything for me. That is why you see his face and contact in the i-Brochure.

Furthermore, I do not want to disturb my existing tenant unnecessarily. There are still 2 more months before the expiry of my unit. Furthermore, I was told by my agent that my existing tenant is always busy. To avoid missing the opportunity, i-Open-House is very useful.

  Interviewer : Last question, Mr Lee. Singapore is a small country. It only takes 45 minutes to travel from one end to another end. Do you think that i-Open-House is just an "extra" thing to do? 
  Mr Lee (Landlord) : Initially, I thought it was an extra thing to do. But after experiencing and have a deeper thought, I think it is not an extra thing but a powerful thing to do.

If I tell you how beautiful is a Rolex or a Merc, you simply cannot imagine it or will not be easily enticed. But if I show it to you, it is totally different. It speaks for itself. You will want to hold and wear the Rolex or test drive the Merc. Right?

Same thing here, if I am able to "show" my property to my potential tenants, they will be more willing to view it physically. My property will beat the others. They can also refer my property to those they know who are also looking for property to rent with just a click. Can you imagine being able to "bring" a property to you to "see"? That is something that I cannot imagine in the past. I am now 60 years old you know. (smile)

The bottom line is visual. All along, in marketing, visual has the edge. But before Internet time, it is very expensive and it cannot reach the same level of effectiveness like what the Internet can do.

I think i-Open-House is providing a valuable service at an affordable price. This will bring benefit to the industry. By providing this i-Open-House service, it not only benefited people like me, the owner, it also benefit the agents and also buyers and tenants. I think we should give them some credit. 

  Interviewer : Wow, Mr Lee, you are indeed a man with thought and appreciation. Really nice talking to you. Thank you for all your time Mr Lee.
  Mr Lee (Landlord) : No at all. It's my pleasure. Thank you.






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