Are you still looking at text when you are sourcing for Singapore Properties?
Are you among those who do Clicking & Viewing first? 

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  Interviewer : Hi Mr Goh, have you found the property you want to buy?
  Mr Goh (Buyer) : Oh, we are still looking around. My wife is the one who is doing the sourcing.
  Interviewer : So, how many properties have you seen so far?
  Mr Goh (Buyer) : You mean physically or virtually?
  Interviewer : Virtually?
  Mr Goh (Buyer) :

Right, didn't you know about i-Open-House? Internet Open House? You can "Go Viewing" using the Internet. I am now viewing some properties while talking to you, you know?

My wife has just emailed links to some i-Open-House properties. I just have to click and view the property straight away. You have Internet access right now? (Interviewer:"Yes") Ok, I will email you the links now.

  Interviewer : Wow, this is cool man?.......................I can also control the scene and walk thru...... Wow.................................But how can you decide buying a property by just viewing it virtually?
  Mr Goh (Buyer) : Buying a property without viewing the property physically? How can it be?

As you know, we are very busy. How can we go and see every property physically? Furthermore, going to see property blindly is really a waste of time. It wasn't possible in the past, therefore, we have no choice. But since we have Internet now , why not "GoViewing" first. Do you still use charcoals to cook rice?

You see, some websites do have photographs of the property, but it looks like they are selling furniture or what. Some take "years" to download. I am using broadband you know? Worst, most of them are badly taken. If I am the owner, I will not want that to be put up. It is better not to show any photographs than to show badly taken photographs.

With i-Open-House, at least I can have a better perspective of the property. The best thing is I can "View" them anytime, anywhere and with anybody. We are "viewing" the same property right now, right? Any comments on these properties?

  Interviewer : But Mr Goh, didn't you ask property agents to help you in sourcing?
  Mr Goh (Buyer) : We have, but sometimes, the agents themselves have not even seen the property. I think they call it co-broking. We have told them our criteria, but they have brought us to see those units that are out of our criteria. We went all the way to see those houses to find that the houses are not even within our lowest expectation. Very disappointing and a waste of time.

As I have said before, "blind date" of viewing properties is really a waste of time. It not only waste our time, it also waste the owners' and the agents' time. Very bad. As you know, "blind date" only take less than 5 minutes. But we have to arrange and  re-arrange to have everyone being able to make it. Very bad. Very unproductive and inefficient. i-Open-House is good.

  Interviewer : Mr Goh, I think you will think of i-Open-House when you look for properties from now on, right?
  Mr Goh (Buyer) : Of course. Won't you?
  Interviewer : Sure. Me too. Thanks.

Interviewer : Hi Mr Alfred, have you rented a place already?
  Mr Alfred (Tenant) : Not yet. But I am now looking at some properties.
  Interviewer : You mean you are looking at the photographs of some properties?
  Mr Alfred (Tenant) :

Not really. Have you hear about i-Open-House? You can "GoViewing" in the Internet.

  Interviewer : Yes, I have just know about it. I thought of sharing it with you. But I didn't expect that you have already know it.
  Mr Alfred (Tenant) : Yeah. I found them when doing Internet searches and also in some of the better know Property Internet Classified. I was impressed. Clicking & Viewing huh? Great.
  Interviewer : Not all properties have done i-Open-House right? Aren't you missing the rest of the properties available in the market?
  Mr Alfred (Tenant) : I will see those i-Open-House properties first because it is so convenient. At least, I can still re-visit them at anytime. The best part is that I can show to my parents in Hong Kong. Give them an idea of the place I am renting.

As for those non i-Open-House properties, I will still try to take a look. But I am wondering why won't the agents or the owners do i-Open-House for their properties? It benefits everyone, right? Are they afraid to show the properties? If that so, why do they still want to rent it out? Or because of the price of doing i-Open-House? But I think the price is fairly affordable. If they do not spend money on marketing using i-Open-House, than how to find tenants like me who is willing to pay a good price to lease the property I like? These group will certainly lose out. Singapore is a global country. A cosmopolitan country. Don't the property owners and agents want to reach out their properties to the world????? 

I don't understand. I feel that those who do not market their properties using i-Open-House are like using charcoals to cook rice these days.

  Interviewer : [Surprised]....Mr Alfred, you sounds like a friend of mine.
  Mr Alfred (Tenant) : Oh, is it? I am just speaking out what I think it is.

Actually, I have seen some properties without i-Open-House, physically. But because of my tight schedule, I have to arrange to see many units in one day. Very tiring. Furthermore, I cannot remember the property after viewing so many of them. So, if they have done i-Open-House, I can still "GoViewing" at my convenient and make some decision. Right?

  Interviewer : Right, that will be good. So, Mr Alfred, free to have lunch tomorrow?
  Mr Alfred (Tenant) : Tomorrow? I am still in Hong Kong. Will only be back next month.
  Interviewer : ..oh.... maybe when you are back then. (smile)
  Mr Alfred (Tenant) : ok. bye.



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