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  Interviewer : Agent Double O, 7, you look cool & relax, aren't you got any viewings?
  Agent 007 : Viewing? Of course I have viewings. That is my job. But I don't go for unqualified viewings any more. Not in this Internet Age. There is a Smarter Way of Doing Things you know? I have been conducting i-Open-House (Internet Open House) for all my properties. 24hrs a day, 7days a week showing all my listings at ONE TIME! Huh, how is that? Cool huh?
  Interviewer : Wow, cool man. How much are you paying for all that? Is it expensive?
  Agent 007 : Of course it is expensive. My Merc is also expensive. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway, when I do a marketing budget for my listings, I have already included that. Expensive or not is really depend on how you look at it. If it is not useful and don't benefit you, it will be expensive. But if you were to make the full use of it, I think it is not. In fact, my running cost is lower now.

Furthermore, the Photoshoot is taken by them, i-Brochure is also done by them. They even help me to Reach Out in the Internet. I don't want to mess with those equipment and technical stuff. My time is precious you know. Let the expert do the job. Like I am the expert in handling your property. (Smile)

  Interviewer : Aren’t you spending extra money on this i-Open-House thing? Most of us look at the papers classified when we are looking for properties, right? I thought advertising in the papers should be the normal way?
  Agent 007  : Well, first of all, doing i-Open-House is not “Extra”. It is already part of my marketing plan for all my sellers if they agreed to it, which they usually do. It is included in the budget.

In this Internet era, we are talking about reaching out to both local and overseas markets. Papers cannot do it. We are talking about being able to bring the property to the buyers and tenants. Especially in Singapore, life is so fast and everyone is so busy. Best of all, 80% of the work force should have email address. I just have to email the Internet address of the property to them and they can just click & view the property. If they are attracted to view it physically, they are probably qualified buyers or tenants.

What is that hundred to two hundred dollars compare to my commission when I close one deal. I can also do more "showing" compare to those who didn't do i-Open-House. Don't be penny foolish. How many property can I show at one time in the traditional way? Another limitation of traditional marketing is that I cannot show the property to my overseas clients.

The bottom line is, I can deliver my products to my target group. There are so many properties in the market, so at least mine is being seen, you see. Bluntly speaking, got see got chance, no see no chance. Right? So, your so called “normal” way is like a bit out dated hor? The matter of fact is, being a Double O,7, I do more than just i-Open-House and paper advertisement.

  Interviewer : Wow. Anyway, there are other virtual tour service providers and some are cheaper, why do you still choose i-Open-House?
  Agent 007  : As you said, they are virtual tours, this one is i-Open-House. That is already a different. Just like a Television set and a Sony Television set......

Virtual tour is only virtual tour. But i-Open-House is a system of marketing the property. From photoshoot taken by trained photographers, to processing the images and setting up the individual i-Brochure with approved relevant links (webpage), to REACHOUT your i-Brochure in the Internet and in the Largest MLS Network in Singapore (SISVREALink). And most importantly, being able to use it efficiently and effectively.

Another different is normal virtual tour cannot "walk-through". It does not indicate where is the kitchen or rooms even duo the kitchen and rooms are shown.

Anyway, I am wondering if the other virtual tour service providers can charge the same price as i-Open-House, why do they need to lower their price? I still believe that price is what you pay and value is what you get. You can charge me $50/- but the value is only worth $20 or worst, no value at all, what is the point, right?

  Interviewer : Hmm......very true indeed....

Interviewerwer : Hi Double O, 8, are you busy? Do you have time for 3 questions?
  Agent 008 : Ok, what are they?
  Interviewer : Agent Double O,7 has been giving good comments about
i-Open-House. Do you do i-Open-House for your properties too?
  Agent 008 : i-Open-House? Oh yes. Highly recommended.

You see, i-Open-House is not only advertisement to me but it is also a tool you know. Having an Internet Address for each of my i-Brochure, I can email and sms it to my clients and co-broke agents, and let them view the property first.

There is also a Tell Someone feature at each i-Brochure that allows you to email the link of the i-Brochure to someone. Word of mouth marketing.

Other than what i-Open-House provides for its Reach Out service, I also do some myself. Pro-active marketing mah.

You know what, I even do showing over the phone. Steady right?  hehehehe

  Interviewer : Wow, I thought Agent Double O,7 was exaggerating. You sound as confident as him.
  Agent 008 : Is this the 2nd question? If not, please continue. I have some emailing to do.
  Interviewer : Sorry. Ok, so what you do with the spare time gain from doing i-Open-House?
  Agent 008  : Spare time? I don't think I have spare time. There are so many things to do. As a serious agent, I have to keep upgrading myself you know. Computers, real estate knowledge.

You know, there are so many different situations and problems. If buying and selling of property is so simple, than we agents are not required anymore.

Furthermore, I have to know the location well. If not, how can I be convincing? I still need to get more listings also, you know, the Products? We are called agents because we don't have products. We are selling somebody's products, that is why we are called agents.

I have to also make myself look good so that I have more confident meeting people right? Oh, the more I say, the less time I have. Anyway,
i-Open-House really help me a lot. I don't know about the others, but I really make full use of it.

  Interviewer : Ok, last question.....(heard ringing at the other end).................
  Agent 008 : Excuse me for a moment................

Hello, this Agent 008, how can I help you?............ oh, that unit is already sold. I have one unit in the same area. Do you have Internet access?.... Great, you can view it right now.....I will sms you the Property Internet Address. Your mobile number is..........ok. By the way, do you have an email address so that I can email you details of property that you maybe interested.............ok, thanks............

SMS - send..............

Ok sorry,  what was your last question again?

  Interviewer : You sound like you really know "how to use" i-Open-House. Were you given a course on "how to use"?
  Agent 008 :

Course? Not really lah, will email me newsletter or notes to help us…. something like that lah. I usually use my initiative or see what others do. Why don’t you go and ask them.

Finished your 3 questions right? Sorry, I have to go now. I'm meeting my boy friend for tea. Sorry hor. Why not you talk to Agent Double O, 7. Thank you.

  Interviewer : Agent Double O,7............Agent Double O,7........................


A Note on Double O, 7's desk: "Not In. Meeting girl friend for tea."






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